Design Work Pushing Ahead

Together, the Sulmona section of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) and Sulmona Valley Walks are cracking on with the development of the Sulmona Valley Ring, L’Anello della Valle Peligna – the new long-distance footpath that will trace a circular route along the crests of the mountains that surround Sulmona.

After some iteration, we’ve settled on 6 stages of around 21km each. Most of the route has been surveyed once but, over this spring and summer, we will walk every stage at least once more before deciding on the final route.

View to Monte Rognone from Monte Cosimo

So, who would like to join us!? We want these days to be for everyone to enjoy and will publish details of where, when, how far etc. here and on as we firm them up. Expect them to be once a week from late May until mid July. Each day will be in the company of an English-speaking member of the development team, i.e. Stuart. Time to get involved in the creation of what we intend to be a great new resource for everyone in the valley! Further information soon…

6 thoughts on “Design Work Pushing Ahead”

  1. This is fabulous! Grazie Mille. The work you’ve done will serve as an excellent tourism boost. I have a home in Cansano, unfortunately not on the trail, but hoping to offer hikers a place to stay at the start or end of their journey. I would also be interested in investing in any establishments along the route to enhance it. Restaurant, (boarding house)… please let me know how I can help.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Joan!

      We’ll be talking to comunes and the tourist promotion organisations later this year when the virus has, hopefully, died down because, we agree, this project is an ideal one to promote the re-establishment of tourism in the Valley, in particular, green tourism.

      If they suggest any ways in which people like you can be helped to invest in the area, we’ll certainly let you know!

      Ciao ciao!

  2. Very exciting development. Been thinking of retiring in Capestrano, so this trail makes me more interested than ever in making the move there, as I love walks of this kind. Although, not sure at my age ( 68 now, but in good shape I’d say ) if could do the 6 day thing all at once, as it’s described. Hence your plan to have places to stay on route and eating establishments etc is of particular interest to me, as myself and accompanying friends would probably want to break it down into shorter stages with stops on the way. Anyway, look forward to the updates etc.

    1. Hi Colin and thanks for your feedback.

      Capestrano, well – not in the Sulmona Valley, of course, but a very nice place!

      We hope we have chunked up the whole route into stages that stand as lovely day walks in their own right. Be great to hear from you once you have tried one or two!

    2. Hi Colin. I’ve just been catching up with this, having done a walk with Stuart on the Majella some years ago. I have a place in Ofena and was also wondering how to link up with the Peligna routes and I would love to discuss this with you if you are interested. My wife and I are in the Abruzzo in August, and will visit the Terino Valley so hope we might meet up over a coffee if you are around.

  3. Colin, thanks so much for this information. We will be retiring to Abruzzo in the Casoli area next year and are avid hikers/walkers. This is a fabulous journey you are putting together. I would love to make a small contribution to your efforts so please lt m know via email. Thanks

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