Work Completed
1.The Route
During 2019, we charted the new footpath on the map and surveyed it on the ground. We decided on the exact route and on the start and finish places of each stage.
We have written a detailed description, in Italian and in English, of each stage of the route. We made available for download these descriptions and the GPX track files of all six stages on this website in April 2020.
This website has been expanded and updated in parallel with the writing and publishing of the stage descriptions.
4.Social Media
Our Facebook page has been launched. There will be regular posts through the year and also on the website blog
Work in Progress
We intend to publish two paper guidebooks – one in Italian and one in English. This will probably happen in 2020 or 2021.
6.Joint Working
We will develop the path with the close involvement of the communes of the Valle Peligna, the provincial government of L’Aquila and the regional government of Abruzzo, the Maiella National Park, local nature reserves, tourist offices, the central office of CAI and landowners. We hope to have the backing of all of these organisations and a coordinating committee up and running by the middle of 2020.
7.Way Marking
Much of our development work will be installing signposts and way markers on the ground, along with interpretation boards at the beginning of each stage and at other prominent places along the way. We anticipate it will take several years but will begin with some temporary improvements in 2020.
The path must be served by places to eat, drink and sleep along the way. Today these are lacking in places and we will work to promote the new attraction to those who will, hopefully, take the opportunity to establish new businesses to cater for trail walkers.